Private Tongue-Tie Consultation and Division Service

I will always do a Breastfeeding assessment first, this includes observing breastfeeding and hand expressing and find out about your baby's feeding times &length, wet and dirty nappies and changing stools, baby's behaviour on your breast, how settled your baby is after feeding and how comfortable feeding is.

I will then assess your baby’s tongue appearance and function using the Hazelbaker assessment tool.

If there is a tongue tie which is affecting breastfeeding than I will take your consent first before offering you the procedure.

Tongue tie division involves first wrapping your baby securely. I will then ask you or your husband to hold your baby's head and shoulders securely while I lift baby's tongue and then using sterile scissors to divide the tie.


Afterwards I may use sterile gauze to press on the side. Your baby will be handed to you to feed straight away.

I will support you with breastfeeding now and develop a feeding plan.

After the division I will further support you via text, phone call, face time or via email or skype consultation.

For Home Visits:

£220 (for assessment & division)

£170 (for assessment only)


appointments take up to 2 hours

Personal Breastfeeding Consultation

I continue to provide one-to-one video call and telephone breastfeeding consultations at this difficult time which means that I can support you in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Formats include telephone call, Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp.


I will support you across a range of breastfeeding challenges such as pain when feeding, milk supply, hand expressing and other advice.


This is charged at a reduced rate of £50 for up to 60 mins.    

Other areas where I can provide distance support  include:

 - Frequent breastfeeding

 - Tongue Tie Assessment

 - Unsettled baby

 - Sore nipples

 - Painful breasts

 - Weight concerns

 - Milk supply issues

 - Breast refusal

 - Breastfeeding Twins or Triplets 

 - Breastfeeding your pre- term baby

 - Jaundice concerns 

 - Maternal exhaustion

 - Breastfeeding on return to work

 - Breastfeeding following breast surgery​

 - Recurrent blocked ducts