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COVID19 Policy

In conjunction with government and CQC recommendation I do offer Face to Face Lactation Consultations and Tongue Tie Service.



Due to the nature of my profession it will not always be possible to maintain 1m plus distance between myself and my client and her infant. I also will need to be in direct face to face contact, therefore I will need to maintain clear infection control measures.


  1. I will ask you of your health and the health of everyone in your household


I understand if you or anyone in your household is showing any symptoms of COVID (high temperature, cough or loss of taste and appetite) you must inform me immediately as I will not be able to offer my services to you. I will be able to offer you video breastfeeding support instead.


  1. Additionally, if you or anyone in your household has been contacted by the Track and Trace system you must inform me immediately as I won’t be able to attend to you in your home while you are isolating.

  2. Please use hand sanitizer on my arrival, I will be able to provide this as well.

  3. If you or any of your household members is showing symptoms of COVID I will need to cancel our session and self isolate for 14 days.

  4. I will cancel or appointment if I am contacted via the Track and Trace system and would need to isolate for 14 days.

  5. I will be wearing full protective equipment; a mask, apron, gloves (during examination and procedure). I will ask you to wear a mask, which I can provide for you.


My policies and guidelines may continue to change with government guidelines


Please contact me for further details.



Katja Dukowski

April 2022

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