Private Tongue-Tie Consultation and Division Service


I will always do a Breastfeeding assessment first, this includes observing breastfeeding and hand expressing and find out about your baby's feeding times &length, wet and dirty nappies and changing stools, baby's behaviour on your breast, how settled your baby is after feeding and how comfortable feeding is.

I will then assess your baby’s tongue appearance and function using the Hazelbaker assessment tool.

If there is a tongue tie which is affecting breastfeeding than I will take your consent first before offering you the procedure.

Tongue tie division involves first wrapping your baby securely. I will then ask you or your husband to hold your baby's head and shoulders securely while I lift baby's tongue and then using sterile scissors to divide the tie. Afterwards I may use sterile gauze to press on the side. Your baby will be handed to you to feed straight away.

I will support you with breastfeeding now and develop a feeding plan.

For Home Visits:

£220 (appointments take up to 2 hrs)

For follow up visits at a later date/ time I charge £85 per hour.

For Clinic Appointments (Wimbledon):

£200 (appointments take up to 2 hrs)

Free follow up appointment at the clinic

Breastfeeding Consultation via Skype

One to one breastfeeding consultation via Skype. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any feeding issues you have. I will also be able to guide you in regards to position and attachment techniques. 

£50 per session (up to 1 hr)

Breastfeeding Package

I offer a private breastfeeding package tailored to your individual needs.

This includes 1 initial antenatal consultation via email or over the phone plus 8 postnatal breastfeeding support visits which can start in the hospital straight after your baby is born and continues in your home. These can be consecutive days but it does not need to be, it all depends on your individual requirements.

£880 (8 post delivery breastfeeding visits, each of the visits can take up to 90 min)

Personal Breastfeeding Consultations

I offer private breastfeeding support in the comfort of your own home with information and practical support.


Once you are at home, getting to know your baby and recovering from your delivery, I will be able to assess your situation and help you to manage any breastfeeding challenges.  


These may include:

 - Frequent breastfeeding

 - Tongue Tie Assessment

 - Unsettled baby

 - Sore nipples

 - Painful breasts

 - Weight concerns

 - Milk supply issues

 - Breast refusal

 - Breastfeeding Twins or Triplets 

 - Breastfeeding your pre- term baby

 - Jaundice concerns 

 - Maternal exhaustion

 - Breastfeeding on return to work

 - Breastfeeding following breast surgery​

 - Recurrent blocked ducts

£85 per hour 

24 hr Private breastfeeding and support

I will be visiting you at home on the day you have been discharged from hospital and stay with you for 24 hrs.

During this time I will support you with your chosen feeding method with every feed during the day and night.

Additionally I support you with the daily care of your baby in order to increase your confidence.

I will help you to ensure you are having adequate rest, nutrition, supplementation and hydration. 

24hrs for £900 for singleton

24hrs for 1300 for twins

24 hrs for 1600 for triplets

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