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“I would recommend Katja, she has been wonderful, her great support helped me to continue breastfeeding my daughter sucessfully.

Emma M.


“Thanks to Katja's dedication, passion and help I have managed to continue breastfeeding.

Linda R.


  • Registered with the Care Quality Commission to perform tongue tie division | Certificate Number: CRT1- 8068056891 | Provider ID: 1-7257308285


  • Infant Feeding Advisor for a major Teaching Hospital in South West London for three years between 2011 and 2014. Specialising in  offering  expert breastfeeding advice and support to  women  with 'at risk babies'  (e. g. babies who were small, pre-term, tongue tied, unsettled,  had poor weight gain, babies with cleft lip or babies who had any other  underlying risk factors)


  • Provider of breastfeeding  training to Midwives, Pediatric Nurses and  NCT teachers in 2011 through to 2014 and produced the ‘Going Home Video’, which provides women with valuable information prior to discharge from hospital. 

  • Studied Leadership and Maternity Services at Masters Level at Kings University in London


  • Breastfeeding Mother to gorgeous twin boys!

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